Sunday 24 March 2013

A Snowy Plug for my Ecookbook

Today I’m not eating lunch in the Winter Garden because it’s a Sunday as opposed to a work day. I’m at home, the ground is covered with a foot of snow outside (obviously snow is the new “spring” this year), and I’ll probably have a quesadilla for my lunch, made on a wholegrain flour tortilla with extra mature cheddar and some Mexican hot sauce from a bottle. My weekend lunches aren’t created as lovingly as my weekday packed sandwiches simply because I usually wait until I’m absolutely starving before rushing into the kitchen to create something fast.

So why am I talking about this in my lunch blog? Because I need to post a personal advertisement today. Yesterday I finally published my first e-book, Adventures in Sandwichland: How to Look Forward to Your Lunch While Saving Money. It’s a cookbook with dozens of recipes for the very sandwiches I create, describe, and consume in the course of this blog. Because I’m a pescatarian most of the sandwiches are vegetarian with some fish and seafood options, but a very close carnivorous companion with excellent taste and a finesse for culinary creativity has contributed some meat recipes.

The ebook is only US$4.99 (which, as of today, is only £3.28), so grab yourself a copy. You can read a sample for free first.

So check it out here!

Meanwhile I suppose I should describe the snow outside. It’s tall and it’s piled up in drifts and the neighbourhood is very quiet except for the scraping of plastic sledges being dragged down the street by excited families. The wind chill factor is predicted as being between -6 and -8 Centigrade, and there is no relief in sight.

I’m dreaming of a white Easter…*

(*Thanks to Steve Jones for that one)

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